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                    Course Contents

    Our Standard Instructor Led Program Addresses The Following IV Therapy Issues:

Anatomy & Physiology review
Circulatory System
Indications for Infusion Therapy
Central Lines
Peripheral Lines
Peripheral Venipuncture
Methods of Infusing IV Fluids/Medications
IV Site Selection
IV Site Care
Infection Control
Patients with Special Needs
Explain the indication and contraindications of peripheral IV therapy.
Define selected venipuncture terms.
Discuss infection control guidelines related to IV therapy.
Discuss relevant anatomy related to site selection restrictions.
Select the right equipment to insert and remove a peripheral IV catheter.
Calculate infusion rates.
Discuss care and monitoring of a patient with an IV.
Discuss management of common complications of peripheral IV catheters.
Discuss legal implications of IV therapy.
Insert a peripheral IV on an anatomical model.
Remove a peripheral IV from an anatomical model.
Professional IV Training Services was formed in response
to the growing need for qualified IV Techs as
Healthcare Professionals in this community.
Corexcel offers instructors who are experts in their fields of study.
Our workshop sizes are kept small so that we can concentrate on
quality instruction to ensure the most up to date curriculum possible